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Video-based Traffic Counts Thanks to our mobile camera systems, we are able to survey all types of junctions and cross sections, as well as roundabouts of all sizes. Even in complicated cases of “staggered” junctions or junctions with more than four arms, we are equipped to accurately record the traffic, thanks to a camera installation of up to 14 metres. Such camera positions also enable us for example, to conduct video-based evaluations of complete motorway cross sections with up to ten traffic lanes from one single location.

In the case of junctions with limited visibility, we also have the option, to deploy several camera systems to undertake the survey.

The video-based method of junction counts has numerous advantages. It avoids the necessity for traffic enumerators on site and significantly lowers the organisational effort in the preparation phase and thus traffic surveys can be conducted faster and be significantly more economical. Counts can be conducted 24/7, all year round and at all locations (also non-urban). In addition to motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian traffic flows are also collected.

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Radar Technology - Cross-section Counts If you intend to conduct a long-term or semi-permanent cross-section count, the use of our radar units is the best and most economical method of data capture. Radar devices collect reliable data like the number and type of vehicles, their speed as well as the distance between them.
Traffic Monitoring In addition to the analysis of traffic volume, we also offer analysis of traffic incidents and behaviour, if needed.

This includes for example: violations of the right of way, near misses, overtaking in the proximity of junctions as well as problems concerning the merging of lanes or roads.

We would be happy to advise you on the different survey options.
Origin-Destination Surveys: Licence Plate Recognition The collection of licence plate data is essential for analysis of origin, destination and transit traffic or for the detection of traffic movements on large roundabouts. Surveys can be conducted using video based surveys (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition) or manually with our trained enumerators.
Roadside Interviews Surveys We conduct questionnaire surveys in order to determine traffic-related parameters, such as journey purpose, origin and destination, routes taken, how often and why.

In the course of the survey preparation, we adjust the questionnaire to your specific requirements and train the survey staff accordingly. We take particular care to ensure a smooth survey process on site, making sure that our influence on the local traffic is kept to a minimum, while guaranteeing an optimal and comprehensive survey.
Parking and Queue Length Surveys Data, such as queuing times and queue lengths or parking space occupancies and duration of stay are collected by means of our mobile video systems. The data is then extracted, processed, analysed and presented according to the clients requirements.
Bespoke Data Collection and Analysis (Vehicles, Pedestrians, Cycles, Equestrian or other) Are you are interested in the number of passers-by in your company during the daytime, e.g. for fire prevention legislative reasons?

Would you like to conduct traffic surveys on your factory premises? Etc.

We would be happy to offer you professional support regarding any specific type of data collection.

We are happy to comply with any special requests such as special vehicle class categories, pedestrian classifications, etc.
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