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Data Processing

Traffic Counts

GEOVISTA analyses, visualises and prepares the manually or automatically collected data in accordance with your requirements. To this end, we use traffic technology software that has been developed specifically for this purpose. Traffic surveys are analysed using the programme KNOTEN 3.5 and 4.0 respectively, which provide among others the following outputs:

The Programme KREISEL is used for analysis of roundabout surveys.
It offers among others, the following options:
The presentation of additional analysis, like the census of pedestrian and cyclist crossings, is submitted in tabular form:

Table of pedestrian and cyclist crossings at the junction

Traffic Monitoring

In order to evaluate accident black spots, traffic incidents and behaviour, video footage is analysed to extract the information required. All observations are recorded with a time stamp. All observations can be compiled on a DVD, SD-card or hard drive (avi format).

Table of traffic observations at a junction

Licence Plate Recognition

Licence plate recognition projects generally focus on determining origin, destination and transit traffic in a specific survey area. In the course of the data processing and analysis, we initially determine the traffic relations between the individual count points and subsequently visualise them in accordance with the customer specifications.

Example; graphic representation of traffic relations between measuring point 1 and points 2, 3 and 4

Traffic Survey

The field of traffic surveys encompasses such a broad spectrum, that a comprehensive summary cannot be given in a few lines. We would be happy to work out an individual solution for your specific project including preparation, implementation and analysis of the data.
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